Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, wake up/Give me a...

...Cigarette/ Last night's love affair is looking vulnerable in my bed...
 Marina and the Diamonds, people.  Look 'em up.  I spent far too much time listening to Guster last night, actually, and missing the guy who gave me the tracks and who now isn't replying to any of my emails.  But on to merrier things, if only slightly:

My God, what an awful week that was.  Everyone here was so unhappy at the end of Friday, and we went a little nuts with our free time.  I'm sort of curious to see how they'll all behave today - Sunday is homework day, of course.  I had an evil essay which I'm sure I did badly on, a chemistry test on which I got a 75 percent (though my chem grade is somehow up to an A- now) and there's another enormous project looming for English.  It's the same way for everyone else.  Worse.  But I shook it off pretty well.

Friday afternoon I... oh, dear, I can't even remember what I did right after classes ended.  This is worrisome.  Anyway, Friday night I did some stargazing with some friends.  We talked about black holes and comets and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy like proper nerds, and the sky is so clear up here, we had the milky way all to ourselves.  There were shooting stars, the grass was dry for some reason, and so we stayed out there until it was too cold for any more. 
Oh, wait, before that I'd been watching Kill Bill: Vol. 2 with another friend, but he had to go and get his foot X-rayed half way through for reasons to do with the perils of organized sports, so we finished that last night.  He made dinner, I did dessert (if you want people to love you, make them profiteroles with ice cream and chocolate ganache - half the dorm was ready to climb into my newly amazing double bed) and we need to finish another film today.
I also have to start writing an essay, do some chemistry coursework and a little maths today, but that'll happen - I'll fit it around a cappella, instrumental ensemble and callback auditions.  Yeah, I made it into - oh, God, I haven't even told you people about that yet, have I?  Well, there's a boy here who's directing The Importance Of Being Ernest (which you can read here if you haven't already)  and auditions were yesterday.  I picked a monologue of Eve's by Mark Twain - it was very drily funny, and it must have gone well because by evening he'd posted the callback list and I was on it.  Being the only person in the school with a real British accent helps just a bit.

And there's drama stirring in the a cappella group, too (gasp!)!  Oh, yes.  For reasons unbeknownst to me, my dear readers, two of our sopranos have unexpectedly quit, leaving us with just two singers in that higher section.  The powers that be decreed that this could not be so, and therefore the altos were asked to stay after practice to determine who could best act the part of a third soprano.  Well, guess what?  It's me, and I'm not altogether thrilled about it.  I liked the weird harmonies in the alto section and I'm not even convinced I can sing all the soprano stuff.  But the group needs it, and I suppose it can't be worse than, say, having one's callback audition booked over one's music class.  Oh, the things I have to figure out today.

With that in mind I must take my leave.  My roommate's still asleep, which is cute, and I completely forgot to take pictures of the choux pastry, but here's something almost as exciting.

I took a cane from a blind man/And I've tasted the fruit in the garden of Eden...

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